what is art can i eat it

Hi! It's [betamax], and here's my art blog.
I post mostly fanart and the occasional original art.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

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there’s a cult, there’s a cult inside of meform a salt, sprinkle it around me

there’s a cult, there’s a cult inside of me
form a salt, sprinkle it around me

Paris soon regains his hostility, 
and brings his blood-stained, dripping blade 
down upon the aged king! 

one of the most emotional pieces of mine so far. wakaba’s duel is definitely one of the highest dramatic points in the series for me.

In the end, we’re just children trying to make our way in a world of adults.

i’m standing on a stage
of fear and self doubt
it’s a hollow play
but they’ll clap anyway.

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ah, the changing world, changing me, changing everything around,
ah, that’s just it, that’s all i fear here and now
i guess it’s time that i just move on away from here
'cause what will break me is the fact you're nowhere near…

[lyrics are my own singable translation!!]

help, i’m alive
my heart keeps beating like a hammer…

tried coloring with just 5 colors!

[ this domain is HOPELESSLY BROKEN… ]

my character for Caps’ game, This Domain is Haunted!

for this domain, you have to deal with the fear of being isolated/abandoned. your goal is to keep Beta alive and free her heart.

you wander through a world built on insecurities, anxieties and depression. to survive, you have to battle Shadows that seek to tear you down, while listening to the Shadows that tell you to stay alive.

if you indiscriminately kill Shadows, Beta will turn into a suicidal recluse that places no value on her own life, and others’ lives as well.

everything that kills me makes me feel alive…

i’ve set up my society6 account and this is my first print!

special thanks to aceworu for helping me with the impact rings!!